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Coin Storage


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Coin storage is critical to preserving collection value. We can address all coin storage needs. You will find everything for coin storage including tubes, boxes, bags and more.

Coin storage is critical to maintaining your coin collection. If coins are stored improperly, they may get damaged over time due to scratches, weight, moisture, oil, sunlight or even temperature. CoinSupplyPlanet offers a wide variety of coin storage solutions including coin folders, coin holders, coin cases, coin boxes and more. Feel free to browse around a list of coin storage categories on the left to find the most appropriate coin storage solution for your needs.

Top 5 Coin Storage Questions

We’ve compiled a checklist of top 5 things to consider before storing your coin collection in a safe, damage-free environment. Please be sure to review before proceeding to buy coin storage supplies.

        Figure out where your coins will be stored (eg. safebox, closet, specialized-storage shelf, etc)

  1. Segment coin collection by value (eg. does every coin need top-notch storage solution?)
  2. Figure out what factors may be damaging to coins in your environment (eg. do you have to worry about moisture, too much sunlight, temperature, weight, etc?)
  3. Understand whether you’re setting up your collection for long-term vs. short-term storage
  4. Figure out if you’ll be moving your collection long distances

Hopefully, you had a chance to think about the above 5 coin storage considerations and now ready to shop for coin storage supplies. Start out by selecting a category on the left.

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Coin Storage

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