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Coin Preservation


Coin preservation begins by inhibiting moisture from attacking the surface of your coins. Most of the damage to coins is caused by trapped humidity, which turns into an almost imperceptible form of condensation which results in irreversible harm. Effective use of metal safe vapor cubes provide an odorless and unique barrier and superb corrosion protection. Using a silica or clay desiccant absorbs the moisture in the atmosphere to keep your coins in both a dry and safe environment. Silica desiccants can also be re-activated by oven heating to dry out the silica, and can be re-used an almost unlimited amount of times. You can be assured that CoinSupplyPlanet.com has not only the best coin preservation supplies, but the most informative resources to learn exactly how to preserve coins. We want make sure your coin collection is as impressive as it needs to be, and we carry the coin preservation and cleaning supplies you require to make it stand out for a lifetime. Here are some of the best coin preservation products on the market:

Metal Safe Vapor Cube allows you to protect your brilliant and toned coins regardless of what kind of storage container is used, and works with all types of metallic surfaces via an invisible molecular film, emitting an invisible, odorless, and nontoxic vapor diffused throughout the surrounding environment. It provides protection for 33 cubic feet of enclosure space  for one full year.

Silica Gel Desiccant Packs and Clay Desiccant Packs protect your coins from moisture damage, and is highly effective when it is used in multiple applications scattered evenly throughout the storage area, whether it is a safe, tool box, drawer, or safety deposit box. These silica gel and clay desiccant packs create a safe and protective barrier of dry air inside any enclosed storage area, acting just like a de-humidifier without the need for electricity. Silica Gel packs are also available in 40, 450, 750, or 900 gram units, and the Clay Desiccant can be purchased in a 5lb quantity.

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