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Coin Cleaning & Coin Cleaner


Like all coin tools, coin cleaning supplies and coin preservation solutions are an essential part of any coin collection enthusiast’s ritual in maintaining the best and most attractive appearance of their specimens. These great and effective coin cleaning products from CoinSupplyPlanet.com are vital in keeping your coins contaminant-free from impurities and environmental hazards like oil, PVC, grease, and commonly transferred debris from coin-handling. Whether it is cleaning silver coins or giving old coin cleaning a try, knowing just how to clean coins is just as important as which coin cleaners you use. Remember, when you are using any of our coin cleaners, it is very important to use a soft cloth to apply the coin cleaning solution, and always ‘pat’ the coin in a gentle manner, and never use a rubbing motion, or store your coins after cleaning until completely dry.

CoinSupplyPlanet.com has an incredible variety of coin cleaning essentials, supplies, and solutions for preserving and protecting your coin collection. Hera are just a few of our coin cleaning products:


  • Coin Care coin cleaner is designed to remove soil from your copper coins and leaves a natural finish and color. Coin Care adds a lubricant as a protective film to enhance the beauty of your coins.

  • eZest Coin Cleaner is a liquid tarnish remover for gold, silver, and copper coins. It is the most highly-preferred coin cleaner and cleaning solution used by collectors and dealers, and has superior cleaning strength. It is available in 5oz and 1 gallon sizes.

  • KOINSOLV This neutral and non-flammable solvent is used to effectively and conveniently clean contaminants such as oil, tape, PVC, and grease from coins, tokens or medals. This ideal cleaning solvent does not change, toning or luster, and can be used on copper and even valuable coins

  • Ultra Micro Fiber Cleaning and Polishing Cloth is a soft and extremely durable 8" x 8" cloth made with over 100,000 fibers per square inch. It is exceptional for use on coins, is reusable, and contains no chemical by-products or additives.

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